Monday, May 26, 2008

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Hello Girls,

If you are a 12th pass girl and want to know what are the career options available for you then following are some of my recommendation in India

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1) Go For Computers
If you have a interest in Mathematics and computers then best option being a girl is to go for a computer science course. These days there are so many engineering colleges to do your Btech in CS . If you dont clear an entrance to get in some nice goverment college for Btech , don'y get disheartened. Since anyways there are fixes seats available. Dont waste your time unneccarily in dropping for an year and taking up exam next year rather try for other options. You can take up a good BSC + MSc in Computer science from nice prestigious college for eg Delhi University or any state university with good reputition. You can also go for a BCA + MCA which is equivalent to a Btech + masters.

2) Go for Finance
This is a fast catching up field. A Bcom+MBA.

3) Medical for the biology ones

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