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Ayurvedic skin care, Herbal skin care, Top ayurvedic tips for skin care,

Ayurvedic skin care, Herbal skin care, Top Ayurvedic Tips For Skin Care

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The first thing that you need to do in your ayurvedic skin treatment is to determine the type of skin that you have. There are three types of them according to ayurvedic medicine. The first one is known as Vata skin. Vata skin is a dry skin, very sensitive to climate changes. It can get easily dehydrated and can cause "breaks" in determined joints, like the knuckles, which may cause some minor bleeding. The same may happen with the lips.

The other type of skin is known as Pitta skin. It is a soft skin, prone to freckles and moles due to its low tolerance to the rays of the sun. If this skin finds itself out of balance, it will react in different ways, like acne, sunspots or even rashes.

Finally, there is Kapha skin, which is quite tolerant to the sun due to its oily consistency and its thickness. It ages slower than other kinds of skin and doesn't wrinkle. Unfortunately, it has some inconvenients like water retention, pimples due to the excessive oil and eczema.

It must be mentioned that there are combinations between these types of skins, so it is in your best interest to determine what kind of skin you have for applying a proper skin treatment. The only way to do it is through an ayurvedic skin specialist. And that's the second tip. Find someone who has that kind of knowledge and who is able to help you. Read Determining skin Type

The final tip is to combat stress. Believe it or not, stress is the origin of a lot of our ailments, and our skin is no stranger to it. In order to combat stress you need to sleep well (the average is eight hours per day), do some kind of physical activity that relaxes your mind and body (for example, yoga), eat healthy food (the ayurvedic specialist will determine which kind of food is ideal for your type of skin), and visit, once in a while, a spa in order to receive an ayurvedic skin treatment.

Skin discoloration and ayurveda can be strongly related, but only if you wish so. Many of the ailments that your skin suffers can be cured with ayurvedic medicine. Think about it. If you want it, you can have a fairer skin; ayurveda is not a magical solution, but the accumulation of thousands of years of knowledge. Do not overestimate alternative medicine and give ayurvedic skin care a try.

If the skin is not cared properly and neglected it suffers from premature aging, becomes dull and blemished. Regular consumption of milk, honey and yogurt are good nourishment for skin and prevents premature aging.

Following are some common skin problems and ayurvedic remedy for preventing and curing the same.

Acne and Pimples

The aggravation of tridosha or the three energies of the body results in the occurrence of acne, pimples and blackheads. In all pitta dosha is effected the most and it happens so due to the excessive intake of alcohol, tea, coffee, spicy, oily and fried foods.

Stress, tension, pollution and chemicals are also among the major causes that aggravates Pitta dosha and result in acne, boils, pimples and rashes.

· A paste made from one teaspoon each of sandalwood powder and turmeric mixed with milk, is very good. A paste of nutmeg and water is also beneficial.

· Half a cup of Aloe Vera pulp can be taken internally (Do not take internally if pregnant) or applied externally to the skin. Dosage: Twice a day.

· Before going to bed, was the face thoroughly and then apply a paste of 1 Tsp. coriander juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder.

· For pimples, apply a paste made from one teaspoon of cumin seeds. Remove after one hour.

· A paste of fresh fenugreek leaves, applied and washed off with warm water before going to bed prevents pimples.


Imbalance of Bhrajaka Pitta that colors the skin and can be compared to melanin causes blackening, pigmentation and discoloration of skin. Excessive exposure to the sun, irregular eating, sleeping habits and consumption of foods and drinks that aggravate pitta are responsible for the aggravation of bhrajka pitta also.


· Grind five almonds and mix with 1 teaspoon of fresh cream and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this paste to the face and neck. Leave on for about fifteen minutes.

· Apply papaya juice, or mashed papaya, to the affected areas.

· Grind equal amounts of sesame seeds and turmeric in a small quantity of

· Water Apply to the face or discolored skin.

· Make a paste from basil (tulsi) leaves and water to use on the affected skin.

Premature Aging

This is due to the aggravation of vata dosha, which naturally increases with age. Thus aging is something that can be prevented to come to early but can't be cured as such. It's a natural ongoing process and beyond human limit to control it.
Aging causes dryness and wrinkling of the skin. Factors like excessive thinking, stress, tension, over work, strain, irregular sleeping and eating habits and cold or dry foods enhance aging. Foods containing artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and chemicals also aggravate the Vata dosha and fasten aging.


· Massage the face with ghee, almond oil or coconut oil before going to bed.

· Use grated cucumber in a face pack.

· Apply fresh aloe Vera gel to the skin.

Fair , healthy and glowing skin attracts everybody's attention. Ayurveda has many solutions to have a fair , healthy and glowing skin.

According to ayurveda skin has seven layers . When imbalanced doshas affect these layers different type of skin diseases arise. Doshas may get imbalanced in body and locally on skin.

Vata dosha is dominant in skin . The qualities of vata dosha are Cold, Light, Dry, Rough, Hard and Mobililty.

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Beauty Tips for Dry Skin Type, Skin care for Dry Skin, How to keep Dry Skin healthy


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The skin becomes worse in the winter season as it starts to crack and also leaves moisture. This is because the skin has more moisture in the upper levels and very little in the lower levels. Therefore it is both dry as it lacks oils and even dehydrated as it lacks water. It is even vulnerable to climatic and weather changes and also produce wrinkles easily if it is not cared for. Any exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun or air conditioning would lead to increased loss of moisture. Mostly it becomes worse when you move from the sun directly into an air conditioned room or even while moving out from the air conditioned room to the sun.

The skin’s dry condition is aggravated by the use of soap, detergents and toners. So a gentle approach which boosts the skin’s moisture levels and makes it soft and supple which is considered to be a must.
Day care for the dry skin calls for the use of a creamy moisturizer. If the moisturizer has a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) then it considered to be the best. An SPF indicates the number of times the skin is saved from the sun. So if your skin normally burns in five minutes, a 30 SPF sunscreen will let it burn only 30 X five minutes which is equal 150 minutes. In India it is considered that an SPF of about 30 is a must for any skin type.
Even though a thick moisturizer is excellent for the dry skin, it should also be taken care that the thickness should be to the extreme so that it would irritate the skin. Before the application of make up, the moisturizer should be given a few minutes to sink into the skin deeply.
Special care should be given especially at night for the dry skin. Removal of make up is very important. First the eye make up has to be removed with a cream based eye make-up remover. This helps to soothe dryness in the delicate eye area. This has to be followed by a rich facial cleanser. Leave the cleanser on for few minutes before wiping it off, to help it remove the make-up and dirt thoroughly. Next the face has to be washed well with a gently face wash. Always remember to use glycerin soap or face wash which will not strip your skin of its natural oils.
Ultimately, a thick night cream should be applied to seal in the moisture and provide oils for the upper layers of the skin. The night cream has to be left on the whole night. However, for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of leaving it on, it can be washed off with lukewarm water after at least two hours. By this time it would have done its work.
Another important addition for the dry skin is fish oil and vitamin E capsules that go a long way for supplementing the action.

DOs AND DON’Ts for Dry Skin

  1. Using moisturizer during the day is very helpful.  
  2. Always use a sunscreen of SPF over 30.  
  3. Eat a diet rich in fruits, yoghurt and vegetables, whole grain cereal and drink plenty of water which is about eight glasses per day.  
  4. Try using rich night creams for repair of the skin.  
  5. Take special care of the delicate skin around the eyes. 

  1. Expose the skin to too much sunlight.
  2. Drag the skin while applying or removing make-up, since dry skin tends to wrinkle faster.

  1. It is a proven fact that there are no permanent remedies for dry skin. But with certain remedies and softeners it could be softened and moisturized too. For this more reliable are the lotions and creams which are available in the market widely. For eliminating the problem of dryness temporarily a mild soap or a cleansing body lotion is very useful. This option could sometimes be a failure if the skin has the genetic problem or if it is exceptionally dry. The entire process could be done at home itself and there is no need to spend lot on beauty parlors and costly cosmetic products. There are different ways through which the dry skin could be pampered.  

  2. Applying face pack made of fruits which are rich in vitamins and water could do a great deal on the dry skin. There are different fruits used for this purpose, they include peach, banana and papaya. 

  3. For the real glowing effect mashed avocado could be used.  

  4. Following these face packs should be a mild lotion or even a moisturizer. This would gain back the moisture produced by the application of the face pack. In such cases, oil based moisturizers are preferred.  

  5. Usage of the moisturizer should be a peculiar motion and it should be applied in an upward circular motion each every time you use it.  

  6. For being fresh in the mornings it is advised to use night creams which contain alpha hydroxyl acids in them. Night creams are considered to be oilier than the regular moisturizers used and it works longer at the night hours.

  7. Daily massage or a facial sauna could create real magic in the skin.  

  8. Always use mild or a fragrance free soap for the charming look.  

  9. Application of aloe vera gel, cod liver oil or vitamin E oil is very effective.  

  10. Blend two tablespoon honey with two tablespoon milk to make a paste. Apply over the face as well as the throat and let it remain for ten minutes. Wash it off with warm water.  

  11. Make a paste out of mashed apricot and warm olive oil. Apply over the face and leave for about ten minutes and then wash with water.  

  12. After a shower it is always advised to use baby oil or Vaseline all over for that greasy like feeling.  

  13. For dreadfully dry skin, use evening prim rose oil by taking about three-four milligrams per day. It takes about two weeks to show the end result.  

  14. Apply almond oil all over the body and use it daily. Massage it gently till it gets absorbed completely into the skin. Thus the skin becomes softer and dryness would certainly disappear.  

  15. Massage almond oil around the eyes before going to bed.  

  16. Apply almond oil to the elbows and knees daily and you can see the results within two weeks. 
Skin Care during Summers
Just like in Winters we take special care of dry skin, we have to be very careful during summers as well and take a special care. In summers the skin might get dehydrated and appear dry and when you go out in sun the skin might even get tanned and burnt.
  1. During summers drink a lot of water.
  2. Apply sun screen and then only go out.
  3. Wear clothes which cover your skin when you are out, as the hot air and sun might burn your skin.
  4. Apply good moisturiser and if required apply it at regular intervals

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Hindi Sms, Miss You SMS, SMS 2010, SMS India Women, Short Miss You SMS, Free Miss You SMS

Hindi Sms, Miss You SMS, SMS 2010

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1) Hal e dil
Aj tum se milne k bad
sonay se pehlay teri yad ai
RAT ko dekha teri zulfain yad ai
TARON ko dekha tera hansna yad aya
CHAND ko dekha tera chehra yad aya

* ******************
2) I miss you so much
i wish you were
still here with me
but when you went away.

* ******************

3) I miss your joy and laughter
I miss your company
you are an inpsiration to me
youare my muse, my mentor
I miss your smile.

4) Leave "something" for "someone"
never leave "someone" for something" life "something" will leave you but "someone" will alwas be with you.


5) I miss the touch of your hand in mine.
your love warms me like the morning sun shine.
I miss your breath on my ear as we embrace.
I miss the softness of your cheek when I touch your face.


6) My eyes are hurting bcoz I can't see yoU, My arms are empty bcoz I can't hold yoU,
My lips are cold bcoz I can't kiss yoU but, My heart is breaking bcoz I'm not with yoU!


If u think i miss u all the time you are wrong

i miss you only when i think abt u but Damm it

i think you all the time i miss u sweetheart.


At Age Of three we Started Study

With Tear and Age 23 we Wl Finish Study

With Tear.

1st Tear Was Water and

2nd Wud B

Fear Of Missing

Dear Ones

Forever (,")


1 pal ehsas ban k atay ho

Or dusre pal khawab ban k urr jatay ho

Yeh malum hay ki tanhai say dar hay hamay

Phir bhi bar bar tnha chor jatay ho

."Miss You"


Some things aer left undone, some words are left unsaid, sum feelings are left unexpressed,

but some one as sweet as u could nevr be left unmissed.


When day lite turns to a darkened hue,

the lovely stars hinting at you,

Ur heart beat tells you sum thing true,

that sum 1 badly missing you!!


I Looked at my back, I thought I saw u.

I Listened eagerly bcoz i thought I heard you, but NO you were not there.

this made me realized only 1 thing. I misS you so much!


Can u keep a secret?

Between me & u

You promise?

I really need to tell u this



I always knew that looking back on my tears would some day make me laugh,

but I never knew that looking back on my laughter would some day make me cry. Misss you.


Birds may stop flying

Earth may stop rotating

Fishes may stop swimming

Candles may stop melting

Heart may stop breathing

But i ll nvr stop

Missing you my dear friend.


I hide my tears wen I say your name, but the pain

in my heart is still the same. Although I Smile & Seem Care free,

There is no one Who misses you more than ME!

In my life I learned how

to love to smile,

to Be happy, to Be strong,

to work hard, to Be honest,

to Be faithful, to be forgive.

But I couldn't learn how to forget yoU...

In The Flower My Rose Is You,

In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You,

In The Sky My Moon Is You,

I'm Only Body My Heart Is You,

That's Why I Always MISS YOU


I MISSSSS YoU in every beats of heart,

In every blink of my eyes,

In every sec of Time &...

In every moment of the Day !

No bodys right till some bodies wrong.

No bodys weak till some bodies strong.

No bodys lucky till lov bcoz along.

No bodys lonely till sum bodies gone.

Misssssssing YoU!


Dil karta hai ek pathar udhaon aur ussme likhon I miss you aur tumhare sar pe de maroon.


Am simple BYE make us cry, A simple JOKE make us laugh, simple CARE make us fall in love. I hope my simple SMS make you think of me. I miss you.

(Category: Missing You SMS Language: English Characters: 144)


I am in casualty now, don't say I didn't tell you. After 5 minutes, I will be transfered to ICU. Doctor told, I will die if I don't STOP.. Missing You

(Category: Missing You SMS Language: English Characters: 150)


God gave u 2 legs to walk, 2 hands to hold, 2 ears to hear, 2 eyes to see. But why did he give u only 1 Heart?

Probably bcoz he wants u to look for the other.

(Category: Missing You SMS Language: English Characters: 160)


A hug for you means I need you. A kiss for you means I love you. A call for you means I'm missing you.

(Category: Missing You SMS Language: English Characters: 102)


The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.

(Category: Missing You SMS Language: English Characters: 93)


My eyes are hurting coz I can’t see u, my arms r empty coz I can’t hold u, my lips are cold coz I can’t kiss u & my heart is breaking coz I’m not with u.

(Category: Missing You SMS Language: English Characters: 153)


I always knew that looking back on my tears would someday make me laugh, but I never knew that looking back on my laughter would someday make me cry. Miss you.

(Category: Missing You SMS Language: English Characters: 159)


There's no Special reason for this msg, I just wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life & hope I can make u smile n say: I Miss U.

(Category: Missing You SMS Language: English Characters: 137)

I Miss You when You Are Not Near Me, I Long To Hear Your Steps, That's By Far, The Sweetest Music My Ears Await Everyday..

SMS Category: Miss You SMS

I Cot Myslf Thnkng Of d Moments Spent Wid U Im A Litle Lonly Bt Being Far 4m U Gvs Me A Beautiful Chnce 2 Realize Hw Mch U Mean 2 Me & Hw Mch I Miss Ur Company

SMS Category: Miss You SMS

I Don't Have To Speak Loud Just To Say Wh8

I Wanna Tell U A Soft Whisper Of "I Miss U"

Is Enuf Coz Its Not My Mouth That Really Speaks Its My Heart..

SMS Category: Miss You SMS

Having No Communication Wid U 4 A While Is Like Drikin Coffee Widout Sugar,

Its Nt Complete Or Shud I Say My Life Isn't Cmplete Whn U r Not Beside Me

I Miss U

SMS Category: Miss You SMS

I'm going to write on all the bricks I MISS U and i wish that one falls on ur head, so that u knows how it hurts when u miss someone special like u.

SMS Category: Miss You SMS

I am in casualty now, don't say I didn't tell you. After 5 minutes, I will be transfered to ICU. Doctor told, I will die if I don't STOP.. Missing You

SMS Category: Miss You SMS

Some things are left undone, some words are left unsaid, some feelings are left unexpressed, but someone as sweet as you could never be left unmissed.

SMS Category: Miss You SMS

i may seldom tell u how special u are, i may not be able to reach u coz we're both busy, but inspite of all, u know u are someone i really miss and care about.

SMS Category: Miss You SMS

i dont have the measels, i am not confined to bed, asperin wont help coz it aint my head, i dont have back ache or the flu, its more serious...i am missin u!

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Women Reservation Bill, Women Reservation Bill in Lok Sabha Today, Women's 33% Reservation Bill Status, Women's Reservation Bill passed or not India

Status Of women's Reservation Bill, Women's Reservation Bill passed or not in Indian Parliament.

Yesterday was a historic day when Women's reservation bill was passed in Lower house i.e in Rajya Sabha and now is the turn of Lok Sabha to pass it. Today Mulayam, Lalu protest on Women's Bill caused Lok Sabha to be adjourned.
Women's Reservation Bill rocked the proceedings in the Lok Sabha for the third day on Wednesday forcing Speaker Meira Kumar to adjourn the House till noon.
As soon as the House assembled for the day, SP, RJD and some JD(U) members criticised the government's "autocratic move" to pass the Bill in the Rajya Sabha.
With Speaker insisting on going ahead with the Question Hour, the members trooped into the well and shouted slogans. Soon SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and JD(U) president and NDA convenor Sharad Yadav marched to the well to protest the passage of the bill in the Upper House on Tuesday.

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List of top 10 role models women India, Top 10 Women India, Top 10 role model woman india, Top 10 woman india,

List of top 10 role models in India

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Ladies who have set a trend and are role model for many indian women. These women are an ideal whom many woman from india consider their role models.

Sonia Gandhi - in the field of politics
The woman who comes to mind at the top of the list is none other than the President of the ruling Congress Party, Mrs Sonia Gandhi. I admire her for her courage, her determination, and her dedication to the people of the country that she has adopted as her own after she got married to Rajiv Gandhi (Former Prime Minister).
"Sonia Gandhi nee Maino was born on December 9, 1946 in Orbassano, near Turin in Italy. She was No.3 in Forbes magazine's list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women."
You can read more about her here:

Arundhati Roy - in the field of literature

Kiran Bedi - in the field of administration and security
I admire Kiran Bedi for becoming the first woman IPS officer in India, a field that was dominated by men for so long. She paved the way for many other women to follow suit in her footsteps. She showed a great amount of courage and dedication to her work and won the respect of all her colleagues who worked with her. She transformed the Tihar Jail completely during her stint there and made things much better for the inmates. She also helped inmates transform to lead a better life. As a Delhi traffic police in-charge she was dreaded by even the hotshots of the capital.
Kiran Bedi has been voted as India's most admired woman and fifth amongst all Indians.
Shabana Azmi: Art, acting and entertainment
If both the Hindu and Muslim extremists issue fatwas against her, she must be doing something good! This actress-turned-social activist has taken on such causes as the plight of Mumbai slum-dwellers and national integration. Probably the best actress of India, ever, (especially after the premature death of Smita Patil) she was never afraid to take on unorthodox movie roles, right from a whorehouse madam to a lesbian. “Gracious, fearless, intelligent and a beautiful person” is how someone describes her.
Shabana Azmi is a multi-faceted woman who has achieved success in many fields. She is an actor, a Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha, a social activist, a philanthropist, and a strong proponent for women empowerment.
Not only that, she has also addressed various Universities across the world on the need to relate communal harmony to issues of social justice.She was born to the famous Urdu Poet Kaifi Azmi and her mother was a famous stage artist Shaukat Kaifi.

Lata Mangeshkar: in the field of music
India's nightingale, that too for decades at a stretch. But, perhaps benefited quite a bit from the hype and the media attention because I personally think that her contemporaries like P. Susila of the South, are just as great and prolific singers.

Shobhaa De
Shobhaa De is one of India's best selling authors and has written thirteen books all of which have topped the best sellers lists in India. I admire her guts and courage to be able to voice her strong, often controversial opinions on any and all subjects and people. She is a renowned columnist for various publications and her columns are read by one and all.
She has to her credit, founded and edited three popular magazines - Stardust, Society and Celebrity. She is married and has six children. However, she keeps herself fit and looking beautiful as ever and is always seen in elite society with all the Glitz and Glammor. She has held her own and is respected by all her contemporaries.
“Ms De shocks India, and much of its literary set like no other writer today” New York Times

Hema Malini
Hema Malini is also known as the "Dream Girl" of Bollywood. She is one of the most beautiful actresses to have graced the silver screen during the colorful era of the 70's. She struggled a lot during her initial days, but made her mark in Hindi Cinema with "Sapnon ke Saudagar". She has never looked back since.
She is not only a successful actress, but also a Member of parliament in the Rajya Sabha, a renowned Bharat Natyam dancer, and the editor to a succesful woman's magazine. She has achieved a lot in her career and is now helping to build a cultural center to promote Indian art and dance.
She had a lot of guts to romance and then marry the hottest star of those days, Dharmendra, who was a married man. She has two daughters from that marriage and remains free to chase her dreams and ambitions.

Amrita Pritam: A prolific writer who is active even now, even though she is over eighty. Her feminism-based themes and stories were way ahead of their time.

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Women Reservation Bill, 33 % reservation for Indian Women, 33 Percent Womens Reservation Bill in Parliament

Women reservation bill - A Boon or Bane for India

Definately a boon for Women in India atleast, but it can't be said if it would be a boon or bane for Indian politics. In my view it is definately going to improve things. With women being less corrupt and more sincere I believe it is definately going to be good for Indian politics as well.

Nearly two - third of the majority is needed both in lok sabha and rajya sabha for the women's reservation bill to be passed today. The parliamentary session today will be a historic one since more than two third majority is already there both in lok sabha and rajya sabha in favour of Women's reservation bill

Govt may take a call on women's bill after PM meets SP chief Yadav. They are demanding that there be an amendment that in 33% the ratio shud be equally divided on caste basis as well.
Please do leave your comments.
Bill has been cleared in Rajya Sabha on 9th March. And now it is to be cleared in Lok Sabha.

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How to curl hair, curly and puffy hair manage,

How to curl hair naturally at home

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  1. Begin by applying a styling gel, mousse or styling spray to clean, damp hair and blow dry until completely dry. Your curls will form better and last longer with the aid of good quality hair products.
  2. Clip your hair back in multiple sections. Release one section and brush or comb it to remove any knots or tangles. Spray lightly with a soft-hold hairspray if your hair is very fine and doesn't hold curls well.
  3. Begin with the undersection of your hair, working your way up to the top. Twist a small section of your hair with your hands for spiral curls, or take a flat, larger section for loose curls.
  4. Open the curling iron by pressing the lever and insert your hair. Close the curling iron barrel on your hair, making sure that all of the ends of that section are completely enclosed in the barrel.
  5. Roll the iron up and hold it for about 10 seconds.
  6. Open the curling iron and release the curls. Proceed with other sections until all areas have been curled.
  7. Flip your head and shake out the curls, then style your hair with your fingers.
  8. Spray with a light hold hair spray to keep your curls in place. For humid climates use a humidity resistant hair spray.
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Hair Care Tips
Natural Skin Care Tips, Glowing Skin
Complete Body Care Tips

How to avoid acne, get rid of acne, home remedy for acne, natural treatment for acne

Acne describes whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. (You may also recognize slang terms like zits). Most teenagers get the type of acne called acne vulgaris, which can show up on the face, neck, shoulders, back, and chest. Sometimes if a skin pore gets clogged beneath the skin with excess oil and bacteria, the dreaded acne raises its head.

Whiteheads occur when a skin pore gets clogged, closes, and then bulges out. If a pore gets clogged but stays open, the top may darken and then you get a blackhead. Pimples are caused when dead skin and bacteria work their way under your skin. This leads to a small infection that makes your skin look red.

Causes of Acne

Even though everyone is different, acne is usually caused by the buildup of oil and dead skin in a skin pore. This build up of oil and dead skin occurs because of:

· Natural hormones - particularly active in your teens.

· Plugged skin. Skin cells can close the oil glands or pores, creating blackheads or whiteheads, (as mentioned above).

· Bacteria. Bacteria can easily infect oil glands and pores and grow very fast.

· Family background. If you have acne, your kids are more likely to have it as well.

How To Reduce Your Acne Problem

Home remedies

- Rub the seed of date palm in vinegar and apply on pimples. Wash the face after one hour with soap. Pimples disappear within three to four days.

- Take equal quantities of lemon juice, rogan badam and glycerin, mix thoroughly and store it in clean bottle. Apply this lotion on the face everyday, to make the skin soft and beautiful.

- Grind chironji and add butter, apply this pack on the face and rub it nicely. This cures all the skin related problems.

- People suffering with pimples and pigmentation marks should maintain a clean stomach. They should improve their digestive strength and keep the intestines clean. They should walk in open and fresh air and take proper diet.

- Add lemon juice and rose water in equal quantities and apply on face. Wash the face after half hour with fresh water. The pimples are cured within 10 to 15 days. This gets rid of pigmentation marks and dark spots.

- Rub the lemon peels on the body before taking bath and wash the face with lukewarm water, this is effective to get rid of pimples.
· Do NOT squeeze, pick, scratch, or rub your skin because it makes the problem worse, and it may even cause scarring.

· Regularly shampoo your hair, and try to keep it off your face if possible - especially at night.

· Keep a diary to verify if you are one of the few people whose acne gets worse if they eat certain food.

· Exercise regularly to get the old blood flowing, and make sure you get a wash as soon after as possible.

· Avoid touching your face unnecessarily.

· Try to minimize your stress levels as much as possible.

· Avoid getting sunburned.

· Change your wash cloth every day because bacteria grow on damp cloth.

· Wash your face twice daily with a gentle soap like Dove or Lever 2000.

· Always rinse really well with plenty of water.

· Only wear makeup on special occasions, and then be sure to remove it completely.

Source :

Skin care for black spots and pores, Tips care for pimples face skin, Care for pimples, scars face

Natural remedy for scars, Pimples, spots

  1. Aloe Vera is excellent for treatment of fresh wounds and scars. If you can find the plant, squeeze the leaf and apply the juice to the scar. Else, apply Aloe Vera Gel. Also, apply lemon juice to the scar. Lemon juice is a natural bleach and should help.
  2. Applying Cucumber juice on scars and pimples helps.
  3. Lemon Juice - The best home remedy for scars is actually lemon juice, since it is a natural bleach and will lighten scars. Since you are using lemon juice in any case, there is really nothing else you can do. Please don't stress about the scars. Once you have your pimples under control, the scars will gradually fade. Also, you could consider laser treatment as a final option - but only after your pimples are under control, or else they will keep reappearing and you will keep getting fresh scars. As soon as a pimple bursts, gently squeeze it completely till all the pus and blood comes out - with clean hands - and then apply cotton soaked in lemon juice to the spot. Leave it on for 10 - 15 mins. You will not get a scar
Other Home remedies
- Take the cream from fresh milk, add few drops of lemon and apply on the face to remove pimples and acne.

- Grind 30 gm of thymol seeds (ajwain) in 25 gm of curd and apply on pimples and acne. Wash the face the next morning. This remove pimples.

- Take equal quantities of holy basil leaves and lemon juice and apply on the pigmentation marks, dark circles or pimples. This is an effective medicine.

- Add glycerin four times the quantity of lemon juice and rub the face to get rid of pimples. Massage the whole body to get the silky and soft effect.

- Soak lentil dal in sufficient water so that the entire water is absorbed. Grind it and add it in milk. Apply this paste on the face twice daily. This removes pigmentation marks and pimples.

- Grind the dried orange peels in water and apply the paste on the face. This removes pigmentation marks and pimple.

- Rub Jaiphal in milk and apply on pimples and pigmentation marks. This gives glowing skin.

- Boil cumin seeds and wash the face with that water. This gets rid of pigmentation marks, dark circles etc and enhances the beauty.

- Grind Jaiphal and black pepper in raw milk and apply on the face at bedtime. This cures pimples and removes pigmentation marks and makes the face beautiful.

- Take one spoon lentil dal, half spoon rapeseeds and two almonds - grind it nicely and add lemon juice. Apply this paste on the face. Wash the face when dry.

- Take equal quantities of alum and black pepper and apply on pimples and acne.

- Grind guava and banana and apply the paste on face.

- Apply cucumber juice on face to remove pigmentation marks and pimples.

- Add radish juice in curd and apply on face to get rid of pimples, acne and pigmentation marks.

- Add honey in onion juice and apply on the face, this cures both the problems

- Take enema of hot water with lemon juice.

- Take boiled gourd or torai in meals. Eat the chapattis made with whole wheat.

- Pat the face with water while taking bath.

- Apply multani mati on face and peel it when dry. Wash the face with cold water.

- Eat boiled vegetables or drink their juice.

- Add Triphala and Moolhati and take 3 to 4 gm daily to cure constipation and get rid of pimples and acne.

- Grind black pepper and apply on pimples.

- Add gram flour in castor oil and apply on face, this is very beneficial.

- Mix rapeseed and rock salt in lemon juice and apply on pimples.

- Grind almonds in goat milk and apply on pimples to get rid of pimples.

- Rub the seed of date palm in vinegar and apply on pimples. Wash the face after one hour with soap. Pimples disappear within three to four days.

- Take equal quantities of lemon juice, rogan badam and glycerin, mix thoroughly and store it in clean bottle. Apply this lotion on the face everyday, to make the skin soft and beautiful.

- Grind chironji and add butter, apply this pack on the face and rub it nicely. This cures all the skin related problems.

- People suffering with pimples and pigmentation marks should maintain a clean stomach. They should improve their digestive strength and keep the intestines clean. They should walk in open and fresh air and take proper diet.

- Add lemon juice and rose water in equal quantities and apply on face. Wash the face after half hour with fresh water. The pimples are cured within 10 to 15 days. This gets rid of pigmentation marks and dark spots.

- Rub the lemon peels on the body before taking bath and wash the face with lukewarm water, this is effective to get rid of pimples.

For stretch marks

Your best bet in this case is prevention. If you make sure your skin is well moisturised all the time, you will not develop stretch marks as your skin will not 'tear' when it stretches, since it is supple. Keep your skin very well moisturised all the time, to prevent further stretch marks.

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Top 10 Miss India, Miss India Year wise, Miss India all years, Miss India List, Miss India 2010, 2009

Miss India Year wise

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Miss India or Pantaloons Femina Miss India is a national beauty pageant competition in India, which annually selects three winners to compete internationally. It is organized by Femina, a women's magazine published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. The pageant is one of the recognized pageants to produce international beauty queens. In 2007, the organizers of Pantaloons Femina Miss India decided to eliminate runners-up and that all three finalists, who represent India in international pageants such as Miss Earth, Miss Universe, and Miss World are all equal winners, unlike in the previous years.

International Peagant Wins

Miss World  - 5 Times - in years 1966,1994, 1997, 1999, 2000

Miss Universe -2 Times - in years 1994, 2000

Miss Asia Pacific  -3 Times - in years 1970, 1973, 2000

List of Miss India Title Winners and Miss Universe
Representatives from India(1952 – 2009)

Representatives to Miss Universe  
2009Ekta ChowdharyHaryana
2008Simran Kaur MundiMaharashtra
2007Puja GuptaDelhiTop 10 finalist
2006Neha KapurDelhiTop 20 finalist
2005Amrita ThaparMaharashtra
2004Tanushree DuttaMadhya PradeshTop 10 finalist
2003Nikita AnandDelhi
2002Neha DhupiaDelhiTop 10 finalist
2001Celina JaitleyWest Bengal4th Runner-up
2000Lara Dutta
KarnatakaMiss Universe 2000
1999Gul PanagPunjabTop 10 finalist
1998Lymaraina D'SouzaMaharashtraTop 10 finalist
1997Nafisa JosephKarnatakaTop 10 finalist
1996Sandhya ChibKarnatakaTop 10 finalist
1995Manpreet BrarDelhi1st Runner -up
1994Sushmita Sen
DelhiMiss Universe 1994
1993Namrata ShirodkarMaharashtraTop 6 finalist
1992Madhu SapreMaharashtra2nd Runner-up
1991Christabelle HowieTamil Nadu
1990Suzanne SablokMaharashtraSemifinalist
1989Dolly MinhasChandigarh
1987Priyadarshini PradhanMaharashtraBest National Costume Award.
1986Mehr JessiaMaharashtra
1985Sonu WaliaNew Delhi
1984Juhi ChawlaPunjab
1983Rekha HandeMaharashtra
1982Pamela Chaudry SinghNew Delhi
1981Rachita KumarMaharashtra
1980Sangeeta BijlaniMaharashtra
1979Swaroop SampatMaharashtra
1978Alamjeet Kaur ChauhanChandigarh
1977Bineeta BoseMaharashtra
1976Naina Sudhir BalsavarUttar Pradesh
1975Meenakshi KurpadMumbai
1974Shailini Bhavnath DholakiaMaharashtraSemifinalist
1973Farzana HabibMaharashtraSemifinalist
1972Roopa SatyanSemifinalist
1971Raj GillMaharashtra
1970Veena SajnaniMaharashtra
1969Kavita BambaniMaharashtra
1968Anjum Mumtaz BargMaharashtra
1967Nayyara MirzaNew Delhi
1966Yasmin DajiMaharashtra3rd Runner-up
1965Persis KhambattaMaharashtra
1964Meher Castelino MistriMaharashtra
1952Indrani RehmanTamil NaduIndia's debut at the Miss Universe

List of Miss India 1st Runner Up Winners and
Miss World Representatives (1959-2009)

Representatives to Miss World  

2009Pooja ChopraMaharashtraSemifinalist. Beauty With a Purpose winner
2008Parvathy OmanakuttanKerala1st Runner-Up. Continental Queen of Beauty - Asia Pacific
2007Sarah Jane DiasMaharashtra
2006Natasha SuriMaharashtraFinalist
2005Sindhura GaddeAndra PradeshSemifinalist
2004Sayali Bhagat. First won by Lakshmi Pandit.(Dethroned)Maharashtra
2003Ami VashiGujarat3rd Runner-up
2002Shruti SharmaUttar PradeshSemifinalist
2001Sara CornerKarnataka
2000Priyanka Chopra
Uttar PradeshMiss World 2000
1999Yukta Mookhey
MaharashtraMiss World 1999
1998Annie ThomasUttar Pradesh
1997Diana Hayden
Andhra PradeshMiss World 1997
1996Rani JeyrajKarnatakaFinalist
1995Preeti MankotiaKarnataka
1994Aishwarya Rai
MaharashtraMiss World 1994
1993Karminder KaurChandigarh
1992Shyla LopezKarnataka
1991Ritu SinghNew DelhiSemifinalist
1989–1990Naveeda MehdiMaharashtra
1988Anuradha KotturMaharashtra
1987Manisha KohliMaharashtra 
1986Maureen Mary LestourgeonMaharashtra
1985Sharon Mary ClarkeMaharashtra
1984Suchita KumarMaharashtra
1983Sweety GrewalMaharashtra
1982Uttara MhatreMaharashtra
1981Deepti DivakarAndhra Pradesh
1980Elizabeth Anita ReddiAndhra PradeshSemifinalist
1979Raina Winifred MendonicaMaharashtra
1978Kalpana IyerMaharashtraSemifinalist
1977Veena PrakashWithdrew in protest against the presence of a white Miss South Africa
1976Naina BalsavarWithdrew
1975Anjana SoodMaharashtraSemifinalist
1974Kiran DholakiaMaharashtra
1972Malathi BasappaKarnataka4th Runner-up
1971Prema NarayanAndra Pradesh
1970Heather Corinne FavilleMaharashtraSemifinalist
1969Adina ShellimMaharashtra
1968Jane CoelhoNew Delhi
1966Reita FariaMaharashtraMiss World 1966
1962Ferial KarimMaharashtraSemifinalist
1961Veronica LeonoraMaharashtra
1960Iona PintoMaharashtra
1959Fleur EzekielMaharashtraIndia's debut in Miss World

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Women Empowerment in India 2010, Women Empowerment, Status of Women India, Indian Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment in India 2010

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is the ability of women to exercise full control over one’s actions. In the past, women were treated as mere house-makers. They were expected to be bound to the house, while men went out and worked. This division of labour was and is still in a few parts of the country one of the major reason because of which certain evils took birth in our society child marriage, female infanticide, women trafficking.

The government has passed many laws so as to empower the women. These rules have empowered them socially, economically, legally and politically. For example recentll indian government is determined to pass 33% Women's reservation bill in Lok Sabha and State assemblies. Not only the government but various non-governmental organisations have done a lot so as to improve the status of woman in our society.

Status of women in ancient India was much better. The women enjoyed equal status with men in all fields of life. However, some others hold contrasting views. Works by ancient Indian grammarians such as Patanjali and Katyayana suggest that women were educated in the early Vedic period Rigvedic verses suggest that the women married at a mature age and were probably free to select their husband. Scriptures such as Rig Veda and Upanishads mention several women sages and seers, notably Gargi and Maitreyi.

According to studies, women enjoyed equal status and rights during the early Vedic period. However, later (approximately 500 B.C.), the status of women began to decline with the Smritis (esp. Manusmriti) and with the Islamic invasion of Babur and the Mughal empire and later Christianity curtailing women's freedom and rights. Although reformatory movements such as Jainism allowed women to be admitted to the religious order, by and large, the women in India faced confinement and restrictions. The practice of child marriages is believed to have started from around sixth century.

The questions surrounding women's empowerment the condition and position of women have now become critical to the human rights based approaches to development. The Cairo conference in 1994 organized by UN on Population and Development called attention to women's empowerment as a central focus and UNDP developed the Gender Empowerment measure (GEM) which focuses on the three variables that reflect women's participation in society – political power or decision-making, education and health. 1995 UNDP report was devoted to women's empowerment and it declared that if human development is not engendered it is endangered a declaration which almost become a lei motif for further development measuring and policy planning. Equality, sustainability and empowerment were emphasized and the stress was, that women's emancipation does not depend on national income but is an engaged political process.

There are certain functions that are particularly central to human life. The list of capabilities that are necessary element of truly human functioning include:

1. Life-being able to live to the end of human life of normal length: not dying prematurely, or before one's life is so reduced as to be not worth living.

2. Bodily health – being able to have good health including reproductive health, to be adequately nourished, to have adequate shelter.

3. Bodily integrity – Being able to move freely from place to place, to be secure against violent assault, including sexual assault and domestic violence; having opportunities for sex satisfaction and for choice in matters of reproduction.

4. Senses, imagination and thought – Being able to use the sense, to imagine, think and reason in a truly human way including but not limited to literacy. Being able to use one's mind and imagination protected by freedom of expression.

5. Emotions – being able to have attachments, to love, to grieve to experience longing gratitude and justified anger. Not having one's emotional development blighted by fear and anxiety.

6. Practical Reason – Being able to form a conception of the good and to engage in critical reflection about planning of one's life's protected by liberty of conscience.

7. Affiliation – Being able to live with and toward others to have social interactions, to have the capability of both justice and friendship. This would entail freedom of assembly and free speech. Having social bases for self-respect and non-humiliation, being protected against discrimination on the basis of race, sex sexual orientation religion caste or region.

8. Other species – Being able to concern with nature.

9. Play – being able to laugh, play and enjoy.

10. Control over one's environment.

a) Political. Being able to participate effectively in political choices that govern one's life, having the right to political participation, protection of free speech and association.

b) Material. Being able to hold property to seek employment on equal bases and having freedom from unwarranted search and seizure. In work, being able to work as a human being, exercising practical reason and entering into meaningful relationships of mutual recognition with the workers.

Hopefully the Women's Reservation Bill  of reserving 33% seats in indian parliament and state assemblies, which has long awaited to see day light will be passed this time.Now seeing both INC and BJP national parties in its favor. It would rightfully be a big and positive step in women empowerment in India where Women have waited long enough to be empowered. on 8th March 2010 the parliamentary session will have debate on this bill.

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Top Women Entrepreuners in India

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Top 10 Bollywood Female Singers, Best Indian Female Singers, Top India Women Singers

Language of the Songs
Career Duration
Awards and Recognitions Received
Breif description of the career

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1) Lata Mangeshkar

Hindi, Marathi, Bengali,Oriya and Tamil
Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, Dada Saheb Phalke Award, 3 National Awards, 6 Filmfare Awards, 2 Maharashtra State Awards
Sister of Usha Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. Guinness Book of World Records holder for having made the most recordings in the world. (30,000 songs between 1948 and 1987, according to 1987 edition).
2) Asha Bhosle

Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, English, Russian, Czech, Nepali, Malay, Malayalam, Konkani, Oriya and other languages
Padma Vibhushan, 2 National Awards, 7 Filmfare Award (plus Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award), 2 MTV Awards, Dadasaheb Phalke Award
Wife of R. D. Burman and younger sister of Lata Mangeshkar
3) Alka Yagnik

Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Oriya, Gujarati, Nepali, Assamese
2 National Awards, 7 Filmfare Awards, 2 IIFA Awards, 4 Bollwood Movie Awards, 1 BJFA Award, 1 Sansui Award, 3 Zee Cine Awards, 3 Star Screen Awards, 1 MTV Award, BBC- Asia Pacific Nomination
Playback singer for over 550 films, and has approximately 15,000 songs to her credit.
4) K S Chitra

Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi, Bengali, English, Russian, German, Arabic, Tulu, Sinhalese.

Padma Shri, 6 National Awards, 15 Kerala State Awards, 7 Andhra Pradesh State Awards, 4 Tamil Nadu State Awards, 3 Karnataka State Awards,4 FilmFare Awards From south,Tamilnadu government Kalaimamani Award
5) Kavita Subramaniam (Kavita Krishnamurthy)

Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Oriya
Padma Shri, 4 Filmfare Awards,Yesudas Award, Priyadarshini Award, Kishore Kumar Award, 2 Bollywood Awards, 2 Zee Cine Awards, 1 Star Screen Award
Along with Alka Yagnik regarded as one of the most successful singers of 1990s and 2000s.
6) P. Susheela

Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Sinhalese, Tulu, Sanskrit.
Padma Bhushan, 5 National Awards, 7 Andhra Pradesh State Awards, 3 Tamil Nadu State Awards, 2 Kerala State Awards, Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, Doctorate from Andhra university
7) S. Janaki

Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Oriya.
5 National Awards, 14 Kerala State Awards, 10 Andhra Pradesh State Awards, 7 Tamil Nadu State Awards,Doctorate from mysore university.
8) Shreya Ghoshal

Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Urdu
4 National Awards, 4 Filmfare Awards, 2 Filmfare South Award, 3 Zee Cine Awards, 4 IIFA Awards, 1
Tamil Nadu state awardone of the most talented and successfull singers in present generation, most preferred singer .
9) Vani Jayaram

Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Oriya, Urdu
3 National Awards
Posed a big challenge for Lata mangeshkar in 1971 after singing in Guddi but eventually shifted base to the South.
10) Sadhana Sargam

Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya and Urdu
1 National Award, 2 Maharashtra State Awards, 3 Filmfare South Awards, 1 Zee Cine AwardOne of the most rated singers of her time.

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International Women's Day, Women Day ,8th March 2010, Celebrate Women's Day

100th Anniversary of International Womens Day

International Women's Day (IWD) is marked on March 8 every year. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.
Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries (primarily Russia and the countries of former Soviet bloc). In some celebrations, the day lost its political flavour, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love to the women around them in a way somewhat similar to Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day mixed together. In others, however, the political and human rights theme as designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner.

The first IWD was observed on 28 February 1909 in the United States following a declaration by the Socialist Party of America. Among other relevant historic events, it came to commemorate the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The idea of having an international women's day was first put forward at the turn of the 20th century amid rapid world industrialization and economic expansion that led to protests over working conditions.

In 1910 the first international women's conference was held in Copenhagen (in the labour-movement building located at Jagtvej 69, which until recently housed Ungdomshuset) by the Second International and an 'International Women's Day' was established, which was submitted by the important German Socialist Clara Zetkin, although no date was specified.The following year, 1911, IWD was marked by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, on March 19.However, soon thereafter, on March 25, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City killed over 140 garment workers. A lack of safety measures was blamed for the high death toll. Furthermore, on the eve of World War I, women across Europe held peace rallies on 8 March 1913. In the West, International Women's Day was commemorated during the 1910s and 1920s, but dwindled. It was revived by the rise of feminism in the 1960s.

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 1st Call for International Women's Day, in 1910, we are inviting all to join in a conversation about International Women's Year.

“The origin of a child is a mother, a woman… She shows a man what loving, caring and sharing is all about..” said Sushmita Sen, India’s first Miss Universe, in the final round of the contest. An answer which was greeted with tremendous applause and which probably, led her to win the crown.

Tormented and subjugated throughout all times and ages, women have fought their way through exploitation, harassment, and have managed to secure their rights in the public domain. In spite of continuing exploitation and injustice against women both in the domestic and work sector today, several milestones have been achieved in terms of education, freedom of choice and liberty, equality etc.With growing literacy and financial independence women feel more empowered today to assert their right to a life of dignity and self worth. The International Women's Day celebrated on 8th March is a universal day for all women around the world. It endows them with a sense of honour, dignity and self respect for being the person that they are. This day marks a celebration of the economic, social, cultural and political achievements made by women over the years.

Women's Day SMS

Wishing you a whole lot of happiness,
Today and all through the year...
Happy Women's Day!

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