Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beauty Tips for Oily Skin Type, Skin care for Oily Skin, How to keep Oily Skin healthy

  1. Steaming the face is proved to be a clinical treatment for oily skin.
  2. Black heads are to be removed after steaming as it loosens the blockages and also open the pores. Thus the dirt does not clog to result in forming pimples.
  3. Then the skin has to be moistened with medicated gel.
  4. The high frequency skin treatment is to be done to dry the skin and it also controls and kills the existing bacteria.
  5. After this treatment a suitable face mask has to be applied.
  6. If the skin still feels greasy, a degreasing procedure is adopted.
  7. Cleanse the skin just two or three times daily. Washing more than twice or thrice will only result in stripping the skin off the oils and it would stimulate the oil glands to replace it.  
ACNE - problem for people having oily skin
  1. Avoiding fried and junk foods such as whole milk, butter, cream, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, rich salad dressing, cocoa, nuts, sweets and fatty meats. It is considered to be a life long diet.  
  2. Eat foods rich in water, fresh fruits, lean meats, chicken, cereals, whole grains, boiled fish and complex carbohydrates. This will help in regulating the bowel movements.  
  3. Include Vitamin A and zinc capsules as a diet supplement.  
  4. The spots could be hidden by make up which covers and camouflages them.

DO’s AND DON’Ts for Oily Skin

  1. Make sure that the hands are clean when you touch your face. Special care has to be taken when touching the spotty areas.  
  2. Always use an oil-free or water based product for cleansing, toning and moisturizing.  
  3. Use the face packs on regular basis.  
  4. Exercise regularly.  
  5. Try to reduce stress in your life.  
  6. Stick to a diet rich in vegetables, salads and whole grains.  
  1. Touch or squeeze spots.
  2. Ever go to bed with make-up on.

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