Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Breakfast For Working Women, Fast breakfast snacks, Breakfast ideas india, Healthy and quick breakfast

Quick Breakfast For Working Women, Fast breakfast snacks, Breakfast ideas india, Healthy and quick breakfast

Working women are too busy to take care of their health. And it all begins by missing breakfast that lead to health problems, say experts. We offer you some quick breakfast meals...

Career women are on the rise. Isn’t that nice? While they try to manage their homes and careers efficiently, they often neglect their own dietary indications. Perhaps only when they feel terribly tired, do they pick up a nutritious drink or fruit. And while everything boils down to their food intake, it all begins by missing their breakfast, say experts.

“Women skipping breakfast is a common problem. While earlier it was done to shed weight, now it’s an issue of tight working schedules. Working women are forced to start their day very early so it’s mostly the breakfast that’s skipped, regardless of the consequences it could have on their bodies later,” says Shikha Sharma, dietician and health consultant.

Warning of the consequences, that women following this routine might be hit with, Sharma said, “The health issues in this case could vary from deficiency disorders, weight gain due to spoilt metabolism, anemia, osteoporosis, calcium loss, hair fall, bad skin to gas problems. Among these, problems like anemia and osteoporosis are exclusive to women. And while they might not show up immediately or in a year’s time, they’re bound to hit you when you touch 30.”

So, here are a few tips to toss up that quick meal:

Fruits: Any fruit is a good fruit to start your day with. While they’re high on iron and nutrition, in times of excessive hurry, they’re the easiest to be kept in the purse and had while on way to the office. Apple is most healthy.

Bakers’ bread: Aata bread is again high on nutrition and easy to eat. A single layer of perhaps green chutney, tomato ketchup or even freshly sliced tomatoes makes for an easy healthy breakfast.

Muesli and milk: A bowl of muesli with hot or cold milk is one of the most nutritious meals for b’fast. Muesli is high on dietary fibre and protein.

Eggs: Boiling an egg doesn’t need too much of your time and attention. So while you are getting dressed, taking two boiled eggs for breakfast will serve you very well till lunch time. Egg white is more recommended.

Sprouts: It’s the easiest breakfast that one can bank on and does not need any early morning involvement. Soak them overnight and enjoy by sprinkling salt and pepper on it. Small pieces of onions and tomato mixed in it add to the taste. That too could be cut and kept ready the night before.

Fried idlis: Idli sambhar is common in many households. Frying idlis in refined oil for just about a minute makes for a delicious and quick breakfast.

Milk shake: Making a glass of milk shake with the help of a blender takes only about a minute, while it does far more good to a woman’s body. You could add may be a little bit of coffee, or any flavour that you enjoy.

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