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Ideal weight Gain during pregnancy, Weight gain in first trimester, weight gain in second trimester

Ideal Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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For a healthy Pregnancy it is said that the mother should gain approximately 22 (lbs) pounds or 10 Kilograms (kg) of weight. The breakup is as below.

Approximate breakdown of pregnancy weight

•7 - 9 pounds of baby (3.15 kg - 4.05 kg)

•2 pounds of placenta (0.9 kg)

•2 pounds of amniotic fluid (0.9 kg)

•4 - 5 pounds of increased blood volume (1.8 kg- 2.25 kg)

•2 pounds uterine enlargement (0.9 kg)

•3 - 4 pounds of fluid in maternal tissue (1.35 kg - 1.8 kg)

•1 pound of breast enlargement to prepare for breastfeeding (0.45 kg)

•Any remaining pounds are a general deposit of fat required by the body for breastfeeding and energy stores

Trimester Pregnancy Weight Breakdown

An average, healthy woman usually gain between 25 to 35 pounds during her pregnancy. The following is approximate breakdown of pregnancy weight gain:

•First trimester: 1 pound per month ( Roughly Half Kg (1/2 kg)OR 0.5 kgs)

•Second trimester: 0.5 of a pound per week ( Nearly 1 Kg Per Month)

•Third trimester: 1 pound per week (Nearly 2 kg Per Month)

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