Wednesday, May 9, 2012

diet and nutrition, diet and weight loss, diet and health, diet and fitness

Diet and nutrition, diet and weight loss, diet and health, diet and fitness

  1. Fasting
  3. If you want go for rapid weight loss, the kinds of food you eat can make a big difference to lose weight rapidly. The best to have rapid weight loss is to go for reduced-fat/reduced calorie diet.  
  4. Don't forget to take a daily vitamin tablet, if you undertake a drastically reduced calorie diet. An extreme rapid weight loss diet is not the preferred way on how to lose weight rapidly, but a short-term diet properly executed has been shown to be beneficial to lose weight rapidly, which inspires many dieters to continue on with a sensible diet plan.  
  5. You should remember one thing that you cannot lose weight overnight using any rapid weight loss diet plan. Although you may see a drop in weight due to water loss, extremely obese persons will lose weight at a faster rate than moderately overweight people.  
  6. You should remain healthy while learning how to lose weight rapidly, so your daily diet intake should include lean eggs, fish, meats, seafood, cottage cheese and poultry. You can have non-calorie carbonated drinks and coffee and tea with artificial sweeteners. Food must be prepared without adding fats such as oils or butter.  
  7. And again, you should consult a physician before beginning any Rapid weight loss diet program. Thus in this way, it is possible to lose weight rapidly and safely.


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