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Talaash Movie Review, Talaash Movie Star Cast,Hindi Movie Review, Talaash Movie Rating 2012, Talaash Movie Hero, Talaash Picture Comments, Bollywood

Talaash Movie Review, Talaash Movie Star Cast,Hindi Movie Review, Talaash Movie Rating 2012, Talaash Movie Hero, Talaash Picture Comments, Bollywood

Talaash: The Answer Lies Within is a 2012 suspense thrillerIndian mystery film directed by Reema Kagti. The project is jointly produced by Excel Entertainment and Aamir Khan Productions, and stars Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Raj Kumar Yadav in pivotal roles. The soundtrack is scored by Ram Sampath along with lyrics by Javed Akhtar. Principal photography for the film occurred during March–November 2011 taking place primarily in Mumbai, Pondicherry and London. The first promo of Farhan Akhtar's next film as an actor Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is attached with Talaash. Talaash is scheduled to release on November 30, 2012 and has received a UA certificate from the Indian Censor Board.

Official Trailer

Directed by - Reema Kagti
Produced by - Ritesh Sidhwani, Aamir Khan,Farhan Akhtar
Screenplay by - Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar
Story by - Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar
Starring Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor
Music by Ram Sampath
Cinematography Mohanan

Seeing reflections of Mumbai under the red light, `Talaash` is a tale of love lost, fatal attraction and above all the quest to solve a perfect crime. Suspense at its core, `Talaash` explores Mumbais underbelly like never before.Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat(Aamir Khan) who receives a phone call early in the morning, informing him about death and an accident and how everything starts to unfold from there.The case turns into a life altering chase for Inspector Shekhawat when he is forced to reel under the repercussions of a broken marriage with his wife, Roshni,(Rani Mukherji) and come face to face with his suppressed grief. Being on his investigational quest and fighting it out with personal struggle, Inspector Shekhawat meets a sex worker Rosie (Kareena Kapoor) who further adds shades of mystery to the puzzle.What looks like a simple car accident investigation turns into a haunting mystery as further investigations show many anomalies linked to the victim`s death.

Zeenews Review

Shomini Sen
Writing and making thrillers is never easy. It has to be gripping, should engage the viewers and has to steer away from predictability. And Reema Kagti’s ‘Talaash’ scores in all these aspects. In fact the initial shots almost make the viewer think that there are parallel plots in the story. But Kagti beautifully joins all the dots. Kagti unravels only bit by bit but never really gives in to the viewer’s curiosity until the very end. In fact, the director makes you think in a certain way, just the way she would want people to think which culminates to a mind boggling end. Review
Ratings: ***1/2
Aamir Khan is back and yes, with a bang. Even though this reviewer is not a die-hard fan of Aamir Khan, the truth is that you can love him or hate him, but there's no escaping his films. Talaash, which was originally slated to release last year, proves once again this actor’s films are not to be skipped and completely worth the wait. Review
By no means is Talaash the end of your search for the perfect whodunit. But there is so much going for this compelling, slow-burning, well-acted tale set in the dark, grimy underbelly of Mumbai that you can barely take your eye off the screen.

Rediff Review
Ratings: ***1/2
Towards the middle of Reema Kagti's highly anticipated Talaash, an emotionally and physically exhausted Surjan Singh Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) lies down on a bed in a seedy hotel. Next to him is a gorgeous hooker -- Rosie (Kareena Kapoor). They had met early in the film. They are attracted to each other, but Shekhawat is a married man, although his marriage is going through a turbulent period. As Shekhawat closes his eyes, Rosie gently strokes his forehead and his hair, until he falls asleep. It is a tender moment -- rare for a Bollywood film, where love and caring is never expressed in such a mature, yet delicate manner. Much of Kagti's Talaash, which she co-wrote with Zoya Akhtar (it is the second writing credit they share after last year's Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) is mature in the way it handles its adult characters conflicted, troubled souls who are searching for ways to get over their personal and professional turmoil. On the surface Shekhawat is searching for answers to a puzzling car accident that resulted in the death of a movie star. As he gets a few clues, his investigation leads him inside the underbelly of Mumbai , the seedy world of hookers -- high class and otherwise, their pimps and the scavengers (a terrific Nawazuddin Siddiqui). But Shekhawat has a deeper personal issue that weighs on him. He and his wife (a luminous Rani Mukherjee, giving one of her career's best performances) are mourning the accidental death of their young son. The tragedy and the fact that the two do not talk about their loss, is slowly creating a rift in their marriage. Shekhawat also carries this personal trauma to work. His life is surely hellish, except when he gets a chance for some tender moments with Rosie, who becomes his confidante and a much needed therapist. In Talaash, Kagti weaves a complex web, and she colours it with the mood and the atmosphere she and her collaborators create. Talaash has the feel of a noir film -- a fine achievement for a Bollywood product, where the crisp cinematography by K U Mohanan (his credits include Ashim Ahluwalia's Miss Lovely, a dark exploration of the world of Bombay's C-grade films) and the haunting background score by Ram Sampath keeps us on the edge.

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