Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Get rid of unwanted hair permanently with this raw papaya pack

Unwanted hair on the body can be quite unsightly and difficult to get rid of. While you can wax or shave it off, going through the process every month can be cumbersome and quite painful. So, to help you get rid of unwanted hair and keep it from growing back, here’s an easy natural remedy.

How raw papaya can help get rid of unwanted hair
Raw papaya contains a potent enzyme known as papin. According to finding published in the International Journal of  Pharmaceutics papin works on getting rid of unwanted hair by weakening the follicles of hair and prevents its re-growth when used regularly. A commonly added component to many hair removal creams, the papin content of raw papaya is much higher than that contained in the ripe fruit; making it a perfect remedy to get rid of unwanted hair. Here are two packs you can use to get rid of hair painlessly.
Raw papaya and turmeric pack
Apart from the properties of raw papaya, turmeric is also a great way to get rid of unwanted hair and helps prevent any infections due to its antibacterial effect.
How to make the pack
Take a few pieces of raw papaya (the amount depends on the area that you want to depilate) and crush it into a fine paste. To this, add a pinch of wild turmeric. Apply this paste on the area you wish to depilate. Allow it to stay on the area until it dries. Once dry, scrub off the paste. The scrubbing action will remove the hair from the region. Do this once every week to stop hair growth in the area.
Paw papaya, gram flour, turmeric and aloe vera
All three components put together help in not only getting rid of hair in a region but the aloe vera and gram flour or besan gives your skin a healthy glow.
How to make the pack
To make this pack, crush a few pieces of raw papaya with the pulp of aloe vera. Now add some wild turmeric and besan  to the mix. Make it into a fine paste and apply it on the area that you wish to depilate in the direction of hair growth. Now allow it to dry. Once dry, scrub the mixture off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This will help get rid of the hair in the area and if done regularly will prevent it from growing back.

src: thehealthsite.com

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