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Harmful Effects Of Fairness Creams, Fairness Creams in India Women, Fairness Cream for Women

Harmful Effects Of Fairness Creams

All fairness creams available in the market have some side effects on our skin may be not very early but in the long run you can feel these effects.
The admiration for the lighter skin tones always makes us the regular users of one or more fairness products. The 'lightening' and 'brightening' strategies used by them make us the 'fair' targets of these number one brands.

The sunscreen contents of fairness creams may prevent the tanning of the skin to a certain extent, as they can prevent the secretion of the skin coloring pigment, melanin. So they can make a difference in the shades of the skin, if used regularly. But the original color of the skin appears back, when discontinued.

Generally these products will not completely disclose their ingredients or the percentage of the contents. We are not bothered to read the labels or ingredients of these products. Even if so, we may not understand what they all meant too.

Most of the skin lightening products contain strong steroids like cortico steroids and clobetasol propionate, which is advisable to use by a dermatologist's prescription. The prescription-strength steroids help to give the costumers 'better' and 'faster' results but such products with steroids have the chances to suppress the body's natural steroids. Using the creams with steroids may end up with some other side effects like permanent stretch marks, pimples, darkening of the skin, skin-allergy and disfiguration, etc.

All fairness creams contain a chemical called hydroquinol.A fairness cream that has side effects can further damage skin and can remove the skin tone. If your fairness cream contains the chemical in 3-4% then it is acceptable and safe. But many fairness creams dont mention it on their packs.Even Ayurvedic fairness creams also contains the same thing. In addition to this hydroquinone some creams contain alloy of metals.It has found that creams from China and Hong-Cong contains mercury. It always good to do a skin sensitivity test before start of an application (like hair dye,fem cream etc..) it to your skin. Many of the skin creams may cause skin allergy if not done a sensitivity test.
Long term use of this can cause skin allergy, cancer, kidney problem,etc.
You can always use herbal treatments for your skin complexion which may not be harmful like fairness creams.
Some tips are Turmeric, Cucumber, Milk, Amla etc ......
After all good washing of face with mild soap and water is the best way than applying anything
Fairness creams also boast about the Vitamin contents which can nourish the skin. But the derivatives of Vitamins like Koiic acid and Retinoic acid contained in them, make the skin intolerant towards the sun. They also provide rashes, if over used.
These products may also contain high level of mercury which may cause hazards even to the nervous system.
Such products never converts a person snow white, as the fairness of the skin is purely genetic. It is better to go for the natural face packs as they makes the skin healthy and young-looking. The home-made face packs including the ingredients like aloevera, turmeric, honey, milk, lemon juice etc always provide lighter skin tones, with out any side effects.

The best way to improve skin tone is in natural way i.e
1. Drink lot of water
2. Avoid to much tea and coffee
3. Mix milk and honey and clean your face with it daily it will give moisture to your skin and also make it healthy.
4. Eat fruits and vegetables

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