Monday, March 8, 2010

Women Reservation Bill, 33 % reservation for Indian Women, 33 Percent Womens Reservation Bill in Parliament

Women reservation bill - A Boon or Bane for India

Definately a boon for Women in India atleast, but it can't be said if it would be a boon or bane for Indian politics. In my view it is definately going to improve things. With women being less corrupt and more sincere I believe it is definately going to be good for Indian politics as well.

Nearly two - third of the majority is needed both in lok sabha and rajya sabha for the women's reservation bill to be passed today. The parliamentary session today will be a historic one since more than two third majority is already there both in lok sabha and rajya sabha in favour of Women's reservation bill

Govt may take a call on women's bill after PM meets SP chief Yadav. They are demanding that there be an amendment that in 33% the ratio shud be equally divided on caste basis as well.
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Bill has been cleared in Rajya Sabha on 9th March. And now it is to be cleared in Lok Sabha.

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