Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Indian hair sprays for curls, Best indian product for curly, straight, frizy, unmangeable hair

For natural curly hair do following

1) After washing hair, condtion it, and leave ur conditioner in for 5 or more minutes.
2) Then when yu wash it leave some in dont wash all out and dont dry it too dry just towel dry for a few.... 3) Apply alo oil its serum base. and run through ur hair and then gel it and style as you wish and when ur done stylin spray wit some hair spray

For frizzy very curly hair and messy hair

1. shampoo condition hair (use aubrey organics they work the best)

2. let hair air dry

3. after ur hair is completely dry (at this point hair is very frizzy), partition ur hair into 2 sections

4. take a wide-tooth comb to untangle the knots

5. "straighten"both sections w/ a hair straightener, make sure straighten the ends a little bit longer because that is usuallly where it curls the most

*when i say straighten, i mean just run the flat iron through sections of ur hair for a few seconds, so that hair is wavy not super straight (that would take a long time for very curly hair)

*use straightener that goes up 400 degress F i use the highest setting

6. after "straightening" both sections......put in pure coconut oil (u can find in any indian store) just a dab (rub the oil in ur hands and apply to hair)

7. finger ur hair to get a wavy style u like best voila u hav a chic wavy hairstyle hair style.

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