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Always go shopping with at least one other person whose opinion you value so that they can give you input on how you look from the outside. Try on EVERYTHING! You will get tired of taking these heavy outfits on and off and wrapping saris, etc., but you have to try on anything you remotely like. Don’t buy anything the first time you see it. Take a camera with you to take pictures of everything you try on. Go home, look through the pictures and go back to the shops for the outfits that you really like. Also, have fun trying on the plethora of clothes, colors, and styles!

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Dresses/Blouses stitching and trial

Sometimes available standard sizes do not fit you hence you decide to buy unstitched material to get it stitched as per your measurement. If you are buying a Saree/Lehnga you need to get your blouses/cholis stitched. Ladies dress/blouse stitching is a tedious job and you are always anxious that whether your tailor would be able to stitch properly or not. There are high chances that the stitching may be wrong beyond correction and in that case your costly dresses/sarees become useless for you. Hence, you should not take any chances in deciding the correct and trained tailor. Do some research to zero on some two or three trained tailors in your city; buy some less costly regular dress/blouse material and give this first for stitching to the selected trained tailors. From this sample stitching you would be able to decide that from whom you can get your wedding dress/blouse stitched. Always try your stitched material first before accepting the delivery and paying the full amount, any required correction can be done easily and faster at this time as once you accepted and paid in full then generally the tailors do not lend an ear on your complaints.

Your inner-wear

Wedding shopping generally includes a number of inner-wear pairs . Be cautious of wearing any wet/moisture inner-wear, as it can get you itching/infections which would be embarrassing and may make you medically unfit.

Saree/ Lehanga draping

Nowadays trend of wearing Saree is less as putting on a Saree takes time as compared to putting on a western wear and/or a Salwaar Kameez. However, as per the Indian culture you need to wear heavy Saree /Lehanga on your wedding day. Generally, most of us are not aware of how to drape a Saree and hence we hire a professional to drape us in our wedding dress on our wedding day. However, professional help is not available always hence you must learn Saree draping (at least in normal style) yourself. Start learning much prior to your wedding day and try walking, sitting, leaning, eating etc while in a Saree; this would make you comfortable in Saree and would avoid any embarrassing moment when you put your heavy wedding Saree /Lehanga on your wedding day. As per Indian culture, you need to wear Saree in your in-law’s home; if you would know how to drape it, you would not only get appreciations in your new home but you would look beautiful also in Saree.

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