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quick make up tips, makeup during day Indian woman, make up during night Indian woman, makeup for dark skin, make up for fair skin, make up for wedding, makeup for bride, makeup for summer, for dry skin

Quick make up tips, makeup during day Indian woman, make up during night Indian woman, makeup for dark skin, make up for fair skin, make up for wedding, makeup for bride, makeup for summer, for dry skin

 Makeup For Day
  1. Apply a fluid foundation with your fingertips and blend around jaw line.  
  2. Press powder into your skin with puff, and brush off excess with a brush. This gives your makeup the staying power it needs for a whole day.  
  3. Use a squirt of eye drops in the morning, to instantly brighten your sleepy eyes. Did you also know that eye drops applied over a pimple before you makeup reduces the redness instantly?  
  4. Use a powder shadow smeared along your lash lines with soft sponge applicator for a soft, but defined day look.  
  5. Apply one coat of lashing-plumping mascara.  
  6. Brush your eyebrows into shape, and use a soft pencil to quickly define them if needed.  
  7. Smile big and apply your blusher to the fattest part of your cheek with a big brush, slightly and lightly extending the color towards your ear. Go easy, you don't want clown cheeks. Choosing a sheer color with light reflecting particles will help avoid this.  
  8. Apply one coat of colored lip gloss for soft, natural lips with a healthy shine.  
  9. If you've run out of your usual concealer, use some of the dried up foundation in the bottom of the bottle, it covers up and matches your foundation perfectly. Remember, if you make a make-up mistake and your time is of the essence, just dip a cotton bud in your liquid foundation and wipe away the mistake.  
  10. If your hair is a wreck then try holding your head upside down and brushing vigorously. Apply a dollop of hair wax rubbed between palms and loosely pull back hair and fasten with your favorite clips.

Makeup For Night Time/ Night Paty

1. More foundation and powder is acceptable to cover less than perfect skin.

2. Use bronzer generously to give your skin a glow. This adds dimension and prevents wash out from the flash.

3. Everything should be more defined - lips, eyes, cheekbones.

4. Shimmery eye shadow photographs best this time of day but no frosts. One of the three shades needs to be matte.

5. Seriously consider false eyelashes. This brings more definition to the lash line to compete with the flash.

6. The Smoky eye is perfect for the evening bride.

7. Lip color and powder are essential at all times.

Quick Make up in 10 minutes

For complete makeup a makeup-passionate person should have the following makeup products, foundation, lip brushes, lipstick, lip liners, eye liners, lip gloss, eyebrow color, blushers and moisturizers. These cosmetics are considered basic elements for a complete makeup. These should be purchased from a good and tested cosmetics manufacturer and should also be tested for allergies or side effects. Sometime use of low quality cosmetics can cause damage to skin. For a complete makeup there are certain basic steps that need to be followed. These steps are essential and are widely followed in most cultures.

Before going to a party, dinner or some other place a woman should look beautiful. Following these steps will provide a complete makeup. People having a dry skin should use a moisturizer while people who have oily skin should wash their skin first and then start with the foundation. The second step is the application of foundation. Choose and apply the foundation that best matches your skin tone to portray the perfect and precise effect. Use blushers to add a fresh look to your skin. The eyebrows should be plucked to portray sharpness of the beauty of an eye. The eye liners and eye shadows should be carefully used. Also the eye shadow should match the color of the dress. A mismatch may portray a dull look on the skin. Use lipstick that best matches the dress and also use a lip gloss to provide a sharper look and beauty to the lips. All of these steps if followed properly can help a woman transform into a princess. A famous person said "It's the beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart."

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