Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Hairstyles ,women hairstyles, Hairstyle For women.

1. Classic Puffy Curls:

styling long hair indian girls
A puff followed by the curls trailing down the length of the hair! Such a wonderful retro look! 

2. Classic Loose Curls:

wonder full long hairstyle look

Loose flexible curls- perfect for any pool party. 

3. Classic Long Curls:

long hairstyle with curly hair

Naturally long curly hair. Cool and sexy. 

4. Classic Curly Waves:

latest long hairstyle  trends for teens
These loose curly waves with some hair accessories are perfect for a wedding party. Flattering for both the bride and the bridesmaid. 

5. Long Emo

black shaded hair color hairstyle for long hair
Emo hairstyle! Clip in some colourful hair extensions and you are all ready with this cut hairstyle for the funky theme party. yaay! 

6. Classic Straight locks:

shine long hairstyles
Don’t we all just wish for this? Long, straight and super shiny locks. 10 on 10 for this hairstyle. One of the best hairstyle for girls with long hair. 

7. Classic Straight Bangs:

hairstyle for long hair girls
Long straight hair with bangs or fringes. What do you think of this? 

8. Classic Long Braids:

fish tail long hairstyle trend
Braided hairstyle on long hair. Normal braid, French braid, Mermaid braid, reverse braid, fishtail braid, crown braid, Grecian braid… Can you think of anything other braids? 

9. Classic Ponytail:

braided long hairstyle look
Classic, elegant and sophisticated. Best described as sleek ponytail. Fitted for office or any formal occasions. If you wanna play it safe, go for this.

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