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Bedroom decoration ideas for kids, children, Room Decoration tips for girl child, boy child, Interior designing tips for kid, Interior decoration tips for Small Children

Bedroom decoration ideas for kids, children, Room Decoration tips for girl child, boy child, Interior designing tips for kid, Interior decoration tips for Small Children

Walls: Paint, Wallpaper, Murals


Paint is one of the easiest and most inexpensive decorating tools available. If you don't like it, or your landlord has a fit, it's easy to paint over it. When choosing colors keep in mind what you might be doing with the room 3, 5 or 10 years down the line.

I won't go into a long "How To" on painting since Sherwin William's web site has great information for the Do It Yourself person. But I will say this, "If you are planning on painting during your baby room decorating project, with the intention of it lasting several years, buy good paint". And be sure to get scrubbable paint. You'll probably have to wash it a time or two!

On the other hand, if it's a quick fix or you change your mind often, cheap paint is fine for your baby room decorating project. Why buy $30.00 per gallon paint with a 10-15 year guarantee if you're planning to move or repaint in a year or two? Regardless of what you buy, do be sure to get low VOC paints, which are non-toxic and have low odor.


Wallpaper and borders that are pre-pasted and strippable work great for baby room decorating. They can brighten a room or enhance the current theme. You can find some good buys at places like Lowe's, or a local wallpaper outlet.

When looking at pre-pasted wallpaper, see if it has a pattern or design that you could cut out and paste onto the wall .That is basically what Wallies are. They're pre-cut for you so they are all ready to go. This is a great option if you are low on money and high on wall area to cover for this baby nursery decorating project, or don't like the idea of trying to put up big sheets of wallpaper.

If you'd rather just open the package and stick 'em up,American Blinds & Wallpaper has a huge selection of Wallies! Check 'em out. You can also use these cut outs on cabinets and wood furniture, the risers of wooden stairs, picture frames and boxes.

Another baby room decorating idea is to use borders at the ceiling line, down several inches if you have a tall ceiling, around the windows and doors, at chair rail height, on angles (like a zig zag) or even use them to make frames on the wall, in which to hang photos or wall hangings!

Don't do all of these at once, but make your choice based on your budget, and what else you have to work with in the room. Your wallpaper or border is also a good place to get the color scheme for your room.

When choosing a wallpaper or border pattern think in the long term. Is it a basic pattern that will coordinate with various bedroom decorating themes that you might use in the room over the years? For instance you might choose a geometric or classic damask pattern in blue, red and white.

The Floor

If your floor is in good shape and a color you can live with you're in luck. There are a few options that you might consider if you don't like your floor. If the floor is wood or vinyl you could paint it or use area rugs. If it's carpet and you can't afford to replace it put a baby room rug or two over it to hide it. Well maybe not hide it, but at least make it less noticeable.

Remember, the carpet may look ugly, but just keep telling yourself you know it's at least clean (you did steam clean it didn't you?). And focus on those cute area rugs you picked out!

The trend in kid's furniture seems to be woodtone furniture, or painted furniture with woodtone tops. This makes it great for mix and match furniture. You could pick up a stained wood dresser with painted accents, a painted bed and a nightstand with a wood tone top. Mix it up boys and girls!

Mixing and matching wild colors and patterns is big too, and homemade is making a come back. According to the Color Association of the US, you'll be seeing retro and classic hues from wild to mild in kids decorating. Which to me sounds like most anything goes!

On a recent trip to a department store it was like I stepped back into the 60's/70's as I walked through the clothing department.

Psychedelic wild patterns in far out colors, and knit and crocheted ponchos ( yes ponchos are back ) & scarves were everywhere. Everything old is new again. It's the same, generation after generation.

The point of this story is, if you're gonna walk the walk, you gotta talk the talk. The colors and patterns in the wardrobe are what influence the kids rooms decor. So if you don't know what to do in the kids' room, look in their closets first!

Give them space to show their individualism, test out different ideas and rolls. Kids learn by pretending, roll playing and practice.

If you find all this totally appalling, close the door to their rooms, as this too shall pass.

Fashion Fabric For Kid's Decor

These are quick and inexpensive ways to add some punch to the room with fashion fabrics. Imagine using that neon pink, aqua or the lime green that you see everywhere, or one of the retro prints.

Fashion fabric can be used for Home Decor too. How about some sequined fabric for curtains in your teen's bedroom? Many of these fabric are sparkley, shiney and slinky. Just what the kids are looking for.

Some other fabrics that would work are spandex, rayon, chiffon, holographic stretch velvet and crinkled taffeta to name a few. Just keep in mind that most fashion fabrics won't be as wide, and you may need extra fabric.

Spandex is particularly great for kids rooms. It's shiny, stretchy and comes in bright colors and prints. It's easy to stretch and wrap around almost anything. Use as a bed canopy, wrapped and swagged across a curtain pole, draped from hooks or swag holders.

Stretch a piece of it over the back of the desk chair and knot it in the back with a big knot or bow. Tie pieces of it around throw pillows in a bunch of different colors. Put a plant hook in the ceiling on each side of the head of the bed and drape spandex starting at the floor on one side, up to the first hook, knot, drape across to the second hook, knot, and hang down to the floor on the other side!

Kid's Bedroom Furniture

A basic furniture style can be chosen that will span the themes and the ages, unless you decide you want to do some painting techniques while decorating kid rooms. If you do, you'll need to keep the long term goal in mind, or be prepared to repaint in a few years.

And speaking of furniture you can find some great deals on furniture and decor for your Kids' room online! So don't be afraid to shop online because many places offer special shipping rates to get your order.

And in reality, the furniture prices plus the shipping charges aren't bad when you figure how much time it would take you to hit all the furniture stores to make a choice, and then end up paying for delivery anyway. Who'd of thought we would be ordering furniture online for decorating kid's rooms and having it delivered to our homes?

Another consideration is kid's storage, whether in the form of shelves, armoires, chests or lockers. There's going to be "stuff", and it all needs to go somewhere.

Both WalMart and Target offer some great online deals, and Bellacor offers free shipping on specific items of furniture.

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