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Dieting Indian Women, Weight Loss Woman, Diet and Fitness for Indian Woman, Losing Weight Diet female India

Dieting Indian Women, Weight Loss Woman, Diet and Fitness for Indian Woman, Losing Weight Diet female India, Diet for losing Weight

Quick Weight Loss Tips #1 – Reduce fat.

Quick Weight Loss Tips # 2 – Don’t be so sweet.

Quick Weight Loss Tips #3 – Drink up.

Quick Weight Loss Tips #4 – Fill up on fiber.

Quick Weight Loss Tips #5 – Get treatment for food allergies.

Quick Weight Loss Tips #6 – Get Plenty Of Sleep

Quick Weight Loss Tips #7 – Eat Before You’re Ravenous
It should be remembered that following a proper diet is more important than exercise.

Yoga exercises, work outs form a part of the weight loss itinerary but keeping a tab on the diet is the most important factor to keep yourself in shape. Here are some valuable diet tips which will help you in pursuit of both good health and a good figure at the same time.

These diet tips are simple to follow and are very effective in achieving your goal of having the perfect statistics.

1) Atkins Diet

Sample Atkins Diet Menu

Italian sausage frittat
One Cup of herbal tea

Tuna salad with assorted leafy greens garnished with bacon bits

Bacon cheeseburger with broccoli and cauliflower
Fresh fruit kebobs

High-protein, low-sugar snack bar

Advantages of Atkins Diet
  1. These types of foods are generally restrained in many conventional diets and its inclusion suggests that many people like to consume as much protein and fat as they desire.
  2. This diet plan is for people who have tried and tested low-fat, high-carbohydrate weight loss diet without achieving successful results. Including more protein in diet often lead to reduced food cravings and speedy weight loss.
  3. The diet is comparatively easy to pursue as there are no intricate meal plans
2. Low Fat Diet

Oatmeal formed with skim milk and garnished with blueberries
One Cup of herbal tea

Ginger carrot soup with whole-wheat bread
Pear, apple and cranberry fruit salad

Mediterranean chicken over whole-wheat spaghetti
Roasted vegetables
Small glass of red wine
Sliced melon with cherries

Celery sticks or broccoli and low-fat ranch dressing
Low-fat cottage cheese/ fat-free yogurt with fresh fruit

Advantages of Low-Fat Diet 
  1. Vegetables, whole grains are foods which are not only low in fat but also healthy.
  2. Fatty foods are rich in sugar, which is not good for your health and can result in weight gain. Reducing on cookies and ice cream is a best option.
  3. A low-fat diet has been successful in lessening the chances of many health conditions, such as high cholesterol, obesity and heart ailments.
3. Slim Fast Diet

Slim-Fast shake or bar

Shake or bar
Half a turkey sandwich or citrus spinach salad

Grilled or steamed asparagus, eggplant and squash
Baked fish, skinless chicken or lean beef
Salad with dressing
Small serving of potato, pasta, rice or corn

Apple, half a cup of grapes, half a banana or small fruit salad
Ounce of pretzels or mini-bag of popcorn
Snack bar

Advantages of Slim Fast Diet

Slim Fast Diet has flexible plan that can suit individual requirements
Shakes and bars can offer a balanced diet.
Once you decide to follow Slim Fast diet you can get sufficient online assistance from health communities, consultants and dietitians.
You will also get information regarding lifestyle alterations, exercise regimes, healthy food, snack tips and weight maintenance.

4.  Weight Watchers Diet

Vegetables scrambled with egg whites, or cup of bran flakes with skim milk
Cup of berries
Fat-free yogurt

Cup of vegetable soup
Black-bean burger or turkey on whole-grain bread with lettuce and tomato
Slice of melon

Big green salad
Four slices of pork tenderloin
Steamed zucchini and summer squash
Half a cup of brown rice
Cup of fruit smoothie

Most vegetables and fruits
Lean protein such as a slice of chicken or turkey
Cup or two of air-popped or light popcorn

Advantages of Weight Watchers Diet:
Weight Watchers Diet program concentrates on novel eating routines and eradicates food that lead to overeating.
There is no counting of calories neither measuring of size in this diet plan.
This program does not ban foods, but can educate how to restrict temptations and find interest in eating healthy food.

Fitness Tips:
Check your Body Mass Index (BMI). You can access BMI calculator from the Internet. Input your weight and height and if it asserts that your weight is in the average range of people of your heights or not. By calculating your BMI you will know whether you need weight loss program or not.
Keep a tab on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which indicates the amount of calories you consume regularly. If you consume the sufficient amount of calorie then it will help you perform regular activities better. It is vital because it would advise you when to put a halt to your eating habits and how much you need to restrict yourself. Through this, you can gorge on anything you want to; provided it is within the range of calories you should intake in a day.
Another aspect of fitness training depends on the physical health which can be improved through exercise. You can begin with small work-outs and in due course exercise your way up, elevating the strength and intricacy of the exercise routine. It vital to do cardio and aerobic exercises, such as walking, running or jogging etc. You can graduate to some rigorous training work-outs and weight lifting if you want to reduce fats. Do this exercise for around three to five times a day for maximum outputs.

Last but not the least take good care of your body and do not stress too much. Permit yourself to take some rest for a while, whenever you are tired.

Remember, do not starve or deprive yourself from sumptuous meals otherwise you might end up consuming them in large quantity.

Avoid the habit of taking diet pills, as it might seem to be an easy way to undergo diet but proves to be harmful in the long run.

Be regimented and accountable for your body because then you would be happy on the hard work you did and your body will start loving you.

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