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Top 10 women CEOs around the world, Top 10 Woman CEO world 2011, Top 10 women coporates around the world, Top busines

Top 10 women CEOs around the world, Top 10 Woman CEO world 2011, Top 10 women coporates around the world, Top busines

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1. Indra Nooyi – CEO of Pepsi since 2006

Nominated as one of the most powerful women in business, Indra Nooyi has been educated in India and in Yale in the US. After her appointment she doubled the company’s profits in one year. Renowned for her ability to drive a hard bargain, she has led the company through acquisitions and demergers.

2. Catherine Elizabeth “Cathy” Hughes – CEO of Radio One

She is the first African American women to be the head of a firm which is traded publicly on an American Stock Exchange. She built Radio One from scratch and eventually made it into the largest chain of radio stations owned by an African American.

3. Muriel “Mickey” Siebert – President of Muriel Siebert & Co.

She is not really a CEO since the company was her own, but she has often been called the “The First Woman of Finance”. It is in her role as the first woman to become a member of New York Stock Exchange, and the first woman to head one of it’s member firms, that we salute her today.
4. Susan Ivey – CEO and Chairperson of Reynold’s American since 2004

She began as a sales representative in Brown & Williamson Tobacco. She rose to be it’s chairperson and guided this company and Reynold’s through the turbulent times of their merger.

5. Christina Gold – President & CEO of Western Union since 2006
As CEO of a company which has operations in over 200 countries worldwide, she has her work cut out for her. She has previously worked for corporate such as Avon and Excel Communications.

6. Irene Rosenfeld – Chairman and CEO of Kraft Foods since 2006

A veteran in the beverages and food industry, she has had 25 years of experience in this field. She has restructured Kraft with amazing results.

7. Marjorie Scardino - CEO of Pearsons’ from 1997

The first woman to head a Top 100 corporate listed on the London Stock Exchange, she transformed Pearson’s into a media conglomerate, focusing on educational and publishing properties. Previously she used to work for The Economist.

8. Andrea Jung – CEO of Avon since 1999 and Chairperson since 2001

A graduate of Princeton, she began her remarkable career at Bloomingdales. Today she heads Avon the world’s largest direct seller of cosmetics. Since her tenure the number of women working has increased so tremendously, that today half of Avon’s Board members are women.

9. Anne Mulcahy – CEO of Xerox since 2001 and Chairperson since 2002

When she became CEO, the company’s had an outstanding debt of over $17 million. Drastic measures such as axing over 30,000 jobs, and getting rid of non performing sections, and outsourcing many functions, helped her to turn the company around.

10. Brenda Barnes – CEO and Chairperson of Sara Lee since 2005

The first woman President of Pepsico, she created a major furore when took a break from her career in 1997 to look after her family. In 2004 she came back as the President of Sara Lee. She has been counted among the 10 most powerful women in the US in 2005 and 2006.

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