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Dress Sense for Women, Dressing for Women, Dressing Tips for Woman,

Dress Sense for Women, Dressing for Women, Dressing Tips for Woman,

Kind of Body and Dresses that suits

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1) Pear shaped women are in plenty. These women tend to be rounded that are heavier on their hips and lower part of the body. These women however do not have a broad upper portion. Rather they are lighter on their upper portion. It is therefore feasible for such women to choose particular clothing that would accentuate their upper portion and take the eyes off from their heavier thighs and hip area. In order to tone them a little, darker colors would be really great as these colors would give a slimming effect. Wrap dresses are suitable for such a structure as it tend to hide the fat on the lower part of the body. Printed shirts, tops, straight skirts and V-necks are ideal for such women.

2) Apple shaped women are just the opposite of the pear shaped. This is due to the fact that these women tend to have a heavy upper body with bulky waistline and heavy bust line. These women need to be extremely careful with their shirts, tops and other piece of upper clothing. V-necks are the most suitable necklines that would really suit these women. Trendy jackets can be worn to hide tone down the waist area thereby making them look slightly thinner. Women can also go for A-line dresses that really proportionate their figure giving them a pleasing appearance.

3) Petite figured girls and women are extremely short and therefore it is important to pick clothing that would make these women look taller and elongated. The most preferred types of necklines that would really suit them are the V-necks and U-necks. The fabrics used for their clothing should be flowing and extremely light in weight. Short skirts are a complete"NO" for short women as they do not possess long slender legs. Avoid flashy jewelry and accessories on the clothing as it would only make these women look out of place and a complete fashion disaster.

4) Rectangle shaped women tend to have quite good figure. Some may even say they look like athletes owing to their slim built and slender appearance. Gypsy skirts, full skirts, patterns and dresses are perfect for these women.

5) Hourglass shaped women have the best looking figures. They are perfectly toned and curvaceous. It is the body type that all women crave to have. These women have nothing to worry as all kinds of dresses and clothing suits them really well. Fitted jeans, halters and straight trousers tend to highlight their figure.

Dressing No-No

  1. Always look neat and clean.
  2. Make sure your clothes fit.
  3. Don't overdo trends.
  4. Keep ultra-bright colors away from the face.
  5. Ignore lame cliches.
  6. Never wear head-to-toe denim. (Silly, maybe, but true nonetheless. You'll look like a convict or a cowboy.) Never wear sneakers with hose.
  7. Never wear pleated jeans.
  8. Never match your makeup with your outfit.
  9. Never wear black velvet in the summertime.
  10. Never overdose on a single fabric (don't wear nylon bottoms with a nylon top).
  11. Never wear large costume jewelry.
  12. Never let your panty lines show.  

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