Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 10 World's wealthiest woman inheritors, Top Woman Wealth inheritors, Top Indian Female Wealth Inheritors in Forbes list, Top Indian richest Woman

Top 10 World's wealthiest woman inheritors  
Its raining money on three Indian women
1) Vanisha Mittal daughter of Lakshmi Mittal
2) Isha Ambani daughter of Mukesh Ambani and
3) Pia Singh daughter of K.P.Singh are the top three on the Forbes list of worlds wealthiest inheritors!
That they happen to be women is only a happy coincidence..or is it pre ordained? Bravo to the fathers who discarded all bias of sons vs daughters thereby morally, legally, ethically proving a glaring point. On a lighter note..”kudiyon ka hai zamaana”..

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