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Ten apps every woman should download, 10 useful apps that all women should have, apps for women.

Ten apps every woman should download.

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Just as you secretly wish the watch, key chain or diary that you are unable to find would ring like your mobile when you give a missed call so that you easily locate it, in the same way when you are clueless about what to wear in the party, you just wish there was an app that would help you out of this fix...and lo! There's actually an app for it now. In fact there's an app to alert your family in emergency and an app to help you lose weight!
Check out our list of 10 useful apps that all women should have.
1. Grocey

Forgot to buy sugar and flour even though you spent an hour in the market? Grocey will remind you whenever it reaches close to any grocery store. In this way your kitchen will remain stacked with essentials. It is an android app.

2. Stylebook
What's the best dress for the occasion is a question that boggles all women all the time. . This virtual closet app allows you to manage everything from your favorite outfits to your sizes and style inspirations by taking pictures of your items and uploading them.
3. Cab4me
You are walking on a deserted road late at night and you desperately want to catch a cab. But you are not sure which way you will get it. The taxi finder app cab4me uses your GPS location to find the nearest cab companies with available car types and payment methods.
4. Find My iPhone
At least two times a week we suffer from this panic attack that our phone is lost! Find My iPhone eases that anxiety by allowing Apple users to sign on to an online account to get the GPS coordinates of your phone's location.
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5. Textalyzer
You are drunk and you text your boss a gibberish message or you are angry and you threaten your best friend, only to realize your mistake the next morning...when it's too late! Textalyzer creates a "Don't Text" forbidden list that prevents you from texting anyone on the list unless you complete a series of puzzles and mind tests. If you fail, the app saves your text for 12 hours before you can send it again. Your mommy in texting!
6. Med-hiccups
This app is like an alarm that constantly reminds busy women of their medicine timings. It can be used on androids only.
7. Relexodown
Struggling to be a superwoman? Juggling between office and home? Often feeling tired and full of aches? Here's an app to tell you when to slow down and what is the reason behind your headache or shoulder pain! It also suggests cures.
8. Damini
Damini is an android app. It is one of the best apps for women. A tribute to the Delhi brave heart, this app helps women in distress immediately alert their near and dear ones by sending an SOS message that has their current address and location details. It also begins recor
ding video clips and continuously sends the recorded clips to Cloud.
9. Nike Training Club
T Nike Training Club encompasses all your workout needs. The app features cardio, core, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises, workout videos, a training schedule, and even allows you to create your own workouts.
10. Pregnancy ++
A pregnant woman is full of thousands of questions all the time. She always needs some one by her side who would explain her reason behind her nausea, her bleeding gums or the swelling in her feet and would suggest reassuring solutions. This app will help you just the way old women in the family did.

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