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Top 10 Australian Women List, Top 10 Women Australia, Top 10 List Australian Woman, Top 10 List Australian female

Top 10 Australian Women List, Top 10 Most Admired Women Australia, Top 10 List Richest Australian Woman, Top 10 List Australian female

Rank Women

1 Cathy Freeman, Olympian

2 Dawn Fraser, Olympian

3 Cate Blanchett, Actor

4 Olivia Newton-John, Activist, Singer

5 Nicole Kidman, Actor

6 Kylie Minogue, Singer

7 Rebecca Gibney, Actor

8 Miranda Kerr, Model

9 Delta Goodrem, Singer

10 Toni Collette, Actor

Top 10 Most Richest Women in Australia   Some, like Gina Rinehart and Nicole Kidman are familiar faces. Many keep a low profile and seldom flaunt their wealth in public. Others, like Angela Bennett, are downright reclusive. Meet Australia’s 16 wealthiest women.

The world’s richest woman, mining heiress Gina Rinehart needs no introduction. The daughter of late WA mining identity Lang Hangcock has parlayed a multi-million inheritance into a multi-billion dollar empire by keeping a tight rein on her company Hancock Prospecting.
Intensely private, yet seemingly unable to avoid the glare of the public spotlight, the 58-year-old widowed mother of four enjoyed a surge in wealth from a little over $10 billion a year ago to $29.17 billion in this year’s BRW Rich 200.
The rise in fortune has her mixing it with the wealthiest men in the world, although she still has some way to go before she enters the $US60-$US70 billion bracket occupied by the world’s two richest blokes, Carlos Slim Helu and Bill Gates.

Like Gina Rinehart, Australia’s second richest woman is also a private person. Angela Bennett (67) makes her first appearance on the BRW Rich 200 as an individual this year following the death of her brother Michael Wright in April.
Bennett’s wealth stems from the same place as Rinehart’s, WA’s Pilbara, where her father Peter Wright and his mate Lang Hancock (Rinehart’s father) forged a partnership that was to create untold wealth. In 1962 Wright and Hancock inked an agreement with Rio Tinto under which the global mining giant pays out a 2.5 per cent royalty from its Hamersley Iron business.
In 2011, Rio’s gross revenue from Hamersley was $US21.6 billion, up from $US8.9 billion in 2009.


Vicky and husband David Teoh were unknown to most Australians before they made their first appearance in the Rich 200 in 2010. The couple share their wealth from listed telecommunications outfit SP Telemedia, which was formed in 2008 through the reverse takeover of SPT by the Teoh’s TPG.
The largest shareholders in SP Telemedia, Vicky Teoh’s (56) wealth has blossomed along with the company’s share price.

Charlotte Vidor appears on the 2012 Rich 200 alongside husband Irvin. The couple, in their late 70s, made their fortune in property, where their Toga Group (established in 1963) owns and manages a raft of brands including Medina Apartment Hotels, Vibe Hotels and Travelodge.

The wife of Bill Roche, Imelda (77) is another Rich 200 member who shares wealth with their partner. Originally gaining wealth through establishing the Australian branch of Nutrimetics, which they flogged to Sara Lee form $150 million in the late 1990s, the Roches now oversee a substantial property and investment portfolio from Sydney.


The widow of publishing magnate Warwick Fairfax, eighty-nine year old Mary Fairfax’s wealth these days is derived from property, rather than the media. Lady Mary’s cash flow is derived primarily from the development of her Harrington Park estate in Sydney’s Camden area, as well as a property portfolio that includes a number of hotel and residential holdings.

As the owner of fashion retailer Sussan, it’s not surprising Naomi Milgrom’s (59) wealth took a bit of a hit over the past year. The daughter or retail king Marc Besen, Milgrom bought out the family business in 2003 and turns over about $500 million a year through its Sussan, Sportsgirl and Suzanne Grae brands.


One half of another wealthy couple, Christina Quinn (54) derives her fortune from VIP Pet Foods, alongside husband Tony. The Scottish couple, who emigrated to Australian in the early 1980s, established VIP Pet Foods in 1994, with the company now believed to be the world’s biggest manufacturer of chilled pet foods.


As the name suggests, Diana Grollo (64) and husband Rino’s riches stem from property. The sister-in-law of Bruno Grollo, Diana’s branch of the family owns construction company Equiset, as well as interests in Victoria’s Mount Buller ski resort and the Great Barrier Reef Undersea Explorer – not to mention a half-stake in Melbourne’s landmark Rialto tower.


Max Moar and Iris Lustig-Moar (67) may be divorced but their property development business Lustig & Moar Group continues to be a money spinner for the two. The former couple’s wealth received a small bump up in 2012 courtesy of the success of the Lucient and Silverleaf apartment blocks in Melbourne.


The widow of ‘Crazy John’ mobile phone entrepreneur John Ilhan, Patricia Ilhan (48) sold the family business to Vodafone after her husband’s death and has since diversified into property and other investments. A shade under half her fortune is in property in 2012, with Australian equities, fixed interest and infrastructure investments making up the lion’s share of what’s left.

A mother of four children aged five to 14, Ilhan has drawn on a posse of trusted advisers and her experience in the corporate world – including time at Telstra – to increase her wealth.


Yes, that Nicole Kidman. The twice married former Mrs Tom Cruise splits her time between Sydney and Nashville and enjoys a property portfolio that has its roots in a 2002 divorce settlement with the Top Gun star. Now married to Aussie country music star Keith Urban, Kidman (44) suffered a slight fall in wealth from 2011, when she was valued at $304 million


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